Delta Vee

Delta Vee is a tough and stubborn pony. Known to be a bit agitated at times, you definitely don’t want to get on her bad side. Despite her careless attitude, she is an extremely gifted and intelligent rocket engineer, but struggles to achieve her full potential due to distress from the past.

Now Delta spends most of her days in her dilapidated junkyard, downing booze and taking long naps… Then finding a little time to strip parts off of old junk to sell and keep her from getting evicted.


The bubbly, optimistic teenage pegasus, and daughter of Delta Vee and Jet Stream. The most important thing in Apogee’s life (aside from Boop-O-Roops!) is her family, but has struggled with that ever since her mother left for reasons she doesn't quite understand.

Though there's nothing that can quell the ambitions of this compact filly! Apogee has aspirations to become an astronaut one day, but before then, she dreams to reconnect with her estranged mother, in hopes of being in a normal, loving family again. Maybe one day, little ponyo.

Jet Stream

A hard-working, smart, and tough business pony; Jet Stream built his company to be the first real commercial provider of space flight.

But his success in the business world does not mirror his success with his family; his work has cost him valuable time with Apogee, but he does his best to raise her well. Haunted by regret in his youth, he seeks to reconcile with his ex-partner, Delta Vee, in hoping that at least she would get along with their daughter.

Diamond Gavel

As the best twenty-six year old lawyer in Equestria, Diamond Gavel had her pick of employment opportunities. Somehow, she ended up working for EquestriAero, as the irreplaceable right hoof mare of her boss, Jet Stream.

An extremely professional and intelligent unicorn, Diamond is not somepony you want to see across from you at the negotiating table. Despite her looks like the stoic mare, she has a soft spot for the teenage daughter of her boss, Apogee, whom Diamond vows to look after her in the absence of her mother.

Daisy Cutter

A shy, mousy nerd of an earth pony filly, Daisy Cutter is the textbook definition of 'adorkable'. Behind her thick rimmed glasses, this teen genius usually shirks away from conflict and finds herself the target for bullies. Growing up with five brothers didn't help either.

Lucky for her, she's become best friends with a bold and loyal pegasus named Apogee. Completely inseparable, when these two fillies aren't getting up to trouble they share everything with each other.

Nurse Bonesaw

A sociopathic nurse with PTSD, a condition Bonesaw developed during her time as a combat medic, after many tours of duty it drastically changed her life. Because of this she was relieved from combat, and now serves as a nurse for the Equestrian Army, off the front lines.

Bonesaw met Delta during her time at a Las Pegasus military encampment, where despite their conflicting personalities, the two eventually became good drinking buddies and trade favors with each other, often leading to the nurse having to take the role of Apogee’s babysitter.


This is Houston, he is a rat.